What customers are truly saying about our sabers


Just got my Makaze Staff today ,abit late because Customs Inspect but overall it beautiful,great quality build ,great sound bank,very bright.
abit sad because the blade is short for me
hope Sabermach will made some 32″,36″,40″ blade for more option
Definity will order more saber form SM

by Nguyễn Minh Hoàng
Viet Nam

Makaze Red

Collected my makaze custom red the workmanship was good vary detail and the friendly staff jay share some info about Saber wow definitely will get the masters series in future highly recommend the makaze for any beginner cheers

by Riyanto A'isya

Sportz TSA

First off, Jay (amazing guy). Showed us every model they carried, readily answered all questions quickly and honestly despite the barrage of questions from 3 people at once. Very detailed explanations, demonstrations. The stuff (dear gawds) is gorgeous. Flawless workmanship, high quality, gorgeous designs and honestly, you need to go see it for yourself.

by Jonathan Chua


Picked up my Expert w/flash Incognitor more than a week ago. Jay greeted me with such a big smile, almost like he couldn’t wait to show me what a great saber I just got. One could easily get caught up by his passion naturally oozed out of him. Danger! Five more minutes with him, you might just buy up every saber he produced. He took time helping me unboxed the saber to explain what I was getting in the package and showed me how to activate the sound fonts and light up that brilliant blue blade. This is my first saber and it’s FANTASTIC! It very likely won’t be my last. Sabermach. You’re a blast!

by Thomas Tsang


Initially wanted an adept, but after going to the showroom and really holding the sabers, it just felt too good to be silent. Got myself an expert series Sonorogue. Took about the expected time to arrive, and when it did, everything was beautiful! I obviously adore the hilt design and feel, and I especially love the acrylic display box the set comes with! The beauty and tech of sabermach sabers were what set them apart for me, and I hope anyone who touches one will instantly fall for them. Strong light, impressive sound effects, and the flickering effect of the blade is such a nice touch.

Jay has been so kind and helpful from the start, class A service and a master of smithing.

Beautiful product, excellent service, I had a great experience getting my first lightsaber and I’m having fun with it! Selamat Hari Raya! I play with lightsabers, not sparklers!

by Mizurei Kiyo Hayashi

Custom Repair

I bought a saber from SaberMach. During my possession of it for about 1 year , I had tried to use it for light dueling .Due to some wiring issues, I made an appointment and brought it down to the shop at Yishun to make a check. The service rendered was beyond my expectation. The owner was friendly and was detailed in his craft. During the check, he was able to source out the issue and resolve it. Under the expense of the owner free time, he explained the issue to me and gave me some advice .He also gave us a tour on the next batch of sabers that’s going to be launch .
I wish to state that the service rendered is not the typical send back to workshop or back to factory and make another arrangement to collect it kinda rectification. The owner knows his product well and he can perform the remedy.
Overall, I would highly recommend my friends to purchase the product as it has great product and after sales service.

by Jim Soon

Dark Storm

Received my Dark Storm CFX hilt based LED blade. Great workmanship. Even greater customer service! Sheer joy and enchantment!

by Ulrich Buschmann
Berlin, Germany


The team at SaberMach has shown what quality is and I’m very pleased to have in possession three of their sabers(GRAFLEX II,MK1 & Grey Jade)and am pleased with each and every single one of them. Each hilt in its own right, is as beautiful as the one beside it. The detail and care that these smiths put into it cannot be matched. On top of that, their customer service is amazing! For how busy they are, and still making time to communicate with me about my sabers is incredible. I look forward to returning as a future customer so long as my wallet & wonderful wife allows.

by Khant Htoo

Makaze Gold

Ordered a Makaze and I am extremely happy with the way it turned out. The Guys at SM were very helpful. Will definitely order from them again in the future! Thanks so much for the good experience!

by Ryan Tan

Custom Machining

Big shout out to Jay at SaberMach for helping me putting the finishing touch on my sabers.

Although it was a simple modification for a quality of life upgrade, Jay really put in his utmost effort and displayed his professionalism in machining recharge port and sound vents for my sabers. He allowed me to stay and watch, and it was indeed an eye opener to witness the complexity and workings behind it.

We had small talks throughout as he shared with me some of his history and work from SaberMach. It was truly a pleasant experience from start to finish. Really honored to be able to work with him!

by W.J Wong