James Matney – Specter

I live in Europe and I received it just last week and now that I have had an opportunity to hold it I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. My saber was one of the builds that was delayed several months due to the unforseen complications created by the virus and a bad batch of CFX boards. Throughout this entire process your customer service was exceptional, without a doubt the best in the business I have encounteredIt and it was worth the wait. Your Specter CFX with Pixel blade is simply stunningly beautiful. It is an exquisite work of art. This is my first CFX saber and I’m still learning how to operate it but I’m loving this saber and your attention to detail and craftsmanship are flawless. Also, thank you for the extra gift of the SW “Basic” language keychain, that was unexpected but a pleasant surprise to find with the order and I appreciate it. So, in closing, THANK YOU!