Mizurei Kiyo Hayashi – Sonorogue(Discontinued)

Initially wanted an adept, but after going to the showroom and really holding the sabers, it just felt too good to be silent. Got myself an expert series Sonorogue. Took about the expected time to arrive, and when it did, everything was beautiful! I obviously adore the hilt design and feel, and I especially love the acrylic display box the set comes with! The beauty and tech of sabermach sabers were what set them apart for me, and I hope anyone who touches one will instantly fall for them. Strong light, impressive sound effects, and the flickering effect of the blade is such a nice touch.

Jay has been so kind and helpful from the start, class A service and a master of smithing.

Beautiful product, excellent service, I had a great experience getting my first lightsaber and I’m having fun with it! Selamat Hari Raya! I play with lightsabers, not sparklers!