Jim Soon – Custom Repair

I bought a saber from SaberMach. During my possession of it for about 1 year , I had tried to use it for light dueling .Due to some wiring issues, I made an appointment and brought it down to the shop at Yishun to make a check. The service rendered was beyond my expectation. The owner was friendly and was detailed in his craft. During the check, he was able to source out the issue and resolve it. Under the expense of the owner free time, he explained the issue to me and gave me some advice .He also gave us a tour on the next batch of sabers that’s going to be launch .
I wish to state that the service rendered is not the typical send back to workshop or back to factory and make another arrangement to collect it kinda rectification. The owner knows his product well and he can perform the remedy.
Overall, I would highly recommend my friends to purchase the product as it has great product and after sales service.