SaberMach Dark Holocrone

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This SaberMach limited edition Holocrone is inspired by the prop seen in various source materials throughout the Legends and Canon material of our favourite space opera. It is however NOT an accurate representation of said prop, and is a personal interpretation of it.

SaberMach Holocrone is made of a solid block of transparent acrylic pyramid with laser engraving details. It is then overlaid with laser cut gold mirror on all 5 sides. The result is a heavy and exquisite display ornament.

*These are NOT 3D Printed. They are not light, and are heavy.

CORE: The core of the Red Holocrone is made of a solid acrylic that has been coated in an oil-based paint that gives it its beautiful clear-red finishing. It is then laser-engraved with patterns. The core itself is 70mm x 70mm x 70mm.

SHELL: Laser cut mirror-gold acrylic. Each piece is roughly 1.5mm thick.

In total, its rough dimension measures 73mm on all sides; inclusive of the acrylic shell and core.

You can add a beautifully crafted rock base made of resin and professionally painted for a realistic look. It comes illuminated with white LEDs. Powered by 2 AAA batteries. Can be used for many display purposes with our Holocrone or sabers.

*In Stock Ready to Ship*

*Dark Holocrone and/or rock base only. Saber is for illustration only and is sold separately.