Imperil (Proffie N-Pixel)

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The Imperil is a one-off limited time offer. Featuring a slim and sleek grip with a menacing looking shroud, the Imperil is lightweight, fully combat capable saber installed with a ProffieBoard V2.2 (single switch) with N-pixel blade technology. These features provide our saber with film-realistic FX such as scrolling blade ignition and retraction as well as other interesting effects.

Saber comes complete with a N-pixel-blade and external charging device as well.

And to top it off, make The Imperil even more unique with more several striking powder coating options such as Red, Gold and Purple, etc. This option will be available as a custom option after the black friday Ready to Ship event.

*Includes a 35″ N-pixel blade*

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Proffie N-pixel Configuration



Powered by the most advanced Open Source board, the Proffieboard v2.2 offers endless customizable features.


Pixel LED blade

Powered by 2 pixel strips, Strips are 8mm in width and shows little to no side shadowing when lit. These strips are housed in your polycarbonate blades. Together with the Proffieboard, they provide more visual effects than your regular In-Hilt LED.


Scrolling Ignition & Retraction

Pixel blade technology now allows us to animate our blades just like in the movies! Watch as the blade scrolls during ignition and retraction, giving it an almost realistic effect.


Multi-Color Changing

The RGB LEDs provide your saber color-changing capabilities. Tap on the main switch while holding the aux button to enter the color change mode and tilt the saber sideways to cycle through the various colors.


Flash on Clash & Blade Lock Up

Blade flashes a contrasting colour when clashing, simulating a bright flash when two sabers hit each other. You can also activate a blade lock up feature. Just like in the movies.


Sound FX

Sabers produce sound effects when igniting and shutting, including clashes and lock ups. The pre-installed 20 soundbanks produce different distinct unique soundfonts! Each different in profile from the other.


Flaming and Unstable Blade FX

Flaming and unstable blade FX are two of the various blade style effects.


AccuBolt FX

Just as similar to Bolt FX, except cooler. AccuBolt FX lights individual localized pixels in contrasting colours to simulate blaster bolts hitting the blade of the saber. This simulates the blade deflecting or blocking a blaster bolt.


SmoothSwing Sound FX

Simulating true-to-movie sound effects, hear the shift in pitch and shift in the saber’s hum and swing effects as you swing your saber around.


18650 Battery Power Core

18650 removable battery for best performances.


Proffie N-pixel Configuration


0.29 kg (0.64 Ib)
*Hilt only without blade*

Saber Hilt Length

286mm (11.26 inches)

Overall Hilt Diameter

31.7mm (1.25 inches)


Strips of RGB Pixel LED (144 pixels per metre)
16 LED color Profiles
Lime 2
Light Blue
Ice Blue
Royal Blue
Flash on Clash Color:
pre-configured White color(Customizable)

Battery Power and Charging

Removable 18650 3.7V li-ion rechargeable battery
Single Cell Charging Station (Included)
Up to 35 to 45 mins of play time

Blade Characteristics

895mm (35-inch) *Actual length of the blade*
Bullet Tip
Pixel Blade (Trans white)
Blade secured via retention set screw
25.4mm (1inch) blade diameter
1.5mm wall thickness
2 Strips of Pixel RGB LED (144 pixels per metre)
Combat duel grade: Light to moderate duelling ONLY

Material and Finish

Aluminium Construction
Black Anodised body

Audio and Electronics

Proffie V2.2 Soundboard

  • Mute function
  • 20 pre-configured soundfonts
  • 8GB SD Card
  • Power On and Off sound
  • Smooth Swing pair sounds
  • Hum, Swing and Clash sounds
  • AccuBolt sound effects
  • Blade Lock-Up sound effects
  • Neodymium 23mm loud speaker
  • Nylon-Fibre Glass Chassis
Imperil Set


The SaberMach Imperil with Proffie N-pixel Configuration saber comes in a single button function. The chassis houses the battery which can be removed from the battery case for external charging.  The custom Nylon-fibre glass chassis encasing the sound card, battery and 23mm diameter loud speaker gives convenience and total security confidence.

Additionally, a 18650 external charging station, a single li-ion battery and N-pixel blade comes standard with every saber package.

  • Saber Hilt
  • 35" Pixel blade (Bullet Tip)
  • 18650 external charging station
  • Allen KeY

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