Endgame 1:1 Scale Master Craft Iron Man MK 50 Helmet Battle Damaged

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Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ proudly presents the latest in Master Craft, quality craftmanship, The MC-038, Avengers Endgame, Battle Damaged Iron Man Helmet.

Prior to the events of End Game, making their stand against the evil Thanos, Iron Man and his fellow Avengers take on the world destroyer with all their might, damaging Iron Man’s suit in the process.

Starting the movie off we see Tony Stark desperately recording what he believes are his last words on the now damaged Mark-50 helmet, a tragic yet touching moment that has long been cherished by fans the world over. 

The Master Craft series of highly detailed, hand painted creations, brings to life some of the most celebrated pop culture icons the world has ever known.
With the Battle Damaged Mark-50 as seen in Avengers Endgame, collectors can take home a screen accurate rendition of the helmet. With detailed painting for the damage, as well as light-up 

mechanism for the eyes, fans can proudly display a work of art from the pantheons of the MCU. Make sure you order yours today!

MC-038 Avengers: Endgame Master Craft Iron Man Mark50 Helmet Battle Damaged
 is limited to only 3,000 pieces worldwide. 

*SOLD OUT – For Informational Purposes Only*

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