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“Impeccably, it takes many months to construct a single perfect weapon that he or she would keep and use for a lifetime. Once you build it, that weapon in your hand will become your constant companion, your tool, and a ready means of defense.” These were more than the words of a wise master, it was his code, his ethos, his way of life.

At SaberMach, we handcraft each saber to exacting standards so that you don’t have to build it. We spend long hours to construct each and every piece to perfection. They come ready to use. But for the very first time, Singapore’s only professional saber company will pass on this knowledge to you.

In collaboration with “The Saber Authority”, SaberMach debuted it’s 1st and possibly Singapore’s only Saber Building Workshop at Bugis Plus @ Atrium in Nov 2019. All slots were sold out.

This model became so popular that customers started asking for readily made ones. We heard you and offered this as an exclusive at Singapore Comic Con 2019.

Similar to the Singapore Comic Con 2018’s Makaze, this is a fully loaded combat saber that comes in 1″  blade and 16 color profile. The saber is extremely loud and crisp and is suitable for moderate to heavy duelling.

*Includes a 30.5″ blade*

*Custom Powder Coating options will add 2-3 weeks to the delivery time*

SOLD OUT - For Informational Purposes Only


BlackBurn Saber Configuration


In-Hilt LED

Our in-hilt LEDs are powered by RGB LEDs that give your saber color-changing capabilities.


Multi-Colour Changing

The RGB LEDs provide your saber colour changing capabilities.


Flash on Clash & Blade Lock Up

Blade flashes a contrasting color when clashing, simulating a bright flash when two sabers hit each other. You can also activate a blade lock-up feature. Just like in the movies.


Blaster Block

Blaster Block FX lights the blade in a contrasting color to simulate the blade deflecting or blocking a blaster bolt.


Sound FX

Sabers produce sound effects when igniting and shutting, including clashes and lockups. The pre-installed 3 soundbanks produce different distinct unique sound fonts! Each different in profile from the other.


18650 Battery Power Core

18650 in-hilt charging battery for best performance.


Blackburn Saber Configuration


0.37 kg (0.81 pounds)
*Saber with blade*

Saber Hilt Length

Length: 278mm (10.94 inches)
Hilt Diameter: 32mm (1.25 inches)


16 color profiles
Lime 2
Light Blue
Ice Blue
Royal Blue
Purple 2
White 2
White 3
Flash on Clash Color:

Battery Power and Charging

Built in 18650 3.7V li-ion 2200mAh rechargeable battery
In-hilt charging via recharge port
USB power charging with 2.1mm jack (included)

Blade Characteristics

770mm (30.5-inch) *Actual length of the blade*
Bullet Tip
Chroma (Trans white)
Blade secured via retention set screw
25.4mm (1 inch) blade diameter
1.5mm wall thickness
Combat duel grade: Moderate to heavy

Material and Finish

Precision machined from UNS A96061 Aluminium Alloy

Audio and Electronics

Subsidiary Brand KS soundboard
3 sound banks

  • Swing Sound Effects
  • Flash on Clash Effects
  • Blade Lock Up Effects

28mm Premium Speaker

Blackburn Pack 1080p


All SaberMach BlackBurn comes complete with our 30.5" trans white blade, ultra bright RGB LED with crystal clear focusing lense for a bright and evenly lit saber.

Also included is an in-hilt recharge port. Powered by our 3.7V li-ion 2200mAh rechargeable battery with a 5V USB charging cable.

  • Saber Hilt
  • 30.5" Blade
  • Faux leather grip
  • 5V Charging Cable
  • Allen Key

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