Satale Shan saber CFX NeoPixel

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SaberMach has taken 3 years of R&D and painstakingly recreated this from the games reference photos. The is the most complex custom one off build we have ever attempted. The customer wanted the slimmest and the most accurate Satale Shan saber ever made. No expense was spared. Using our state of the art 4 axis CNC turn mill, all the fine lines on the emitter are accurate machined. The 3 hexagonal buttons were individually machined and 2 were used as the main and aux switch. The other hides the retention screw for the blade side PCB holder.

The windows are slitted to reveal the blade illuminated through the emitter. The intricate ruins design on the hourglass shaped body were custom acid etched by Dale from Shadowcrest.

Most notably the greeblies below the thin neck and the pommel were 3D designed and recreated. This allowed us to 3D print them in aluminium. This component is purely aesthetic but is also what sets this apart from any Satale Shan’s saber ever made. It is as accurate as the game version. The 3 power rods connecting the emitter to the main body are made in High Speed steel ensuring that they remain strong even though they are so thin.

Even the coupler is not spared. You will find that the hexagonal detail is also faithfully recreated while the sound vents are machined into the recessed lines and powder coated black.

It would only do justice to this highly accurate replica by using the CFX soundboard and pixel blade installed on our premium series chassis.

The entire saber is then given a titanium S.S.P finish like our premium series which means that the finishing is sealed from the elements for life.

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