MR MW FX saber NeoPixel Conversion

Presented here is a rarely done conversion for a MR Mace Windu Saber. The story behind this was that this was the customer’s first lightsaber he ever bought with his own money back in the 2004. Fast forward 18 years on, the saber is now beat up, broken, rusted, pitted, dirty and no longer working. Because the saber holds so much memory and sentimental value, he wanted to give it a new life. He decided to bring it to us here at SaberMach to do a complete restoration.

The customer heard and saw our other past FX neopixel conversion videos and decided to give his precious Mace the same treatment. He didn’t want to add additional holes and wanted to retain the same sliding switch as the original. As such, he went with a NBV4 soundboard option because of it’s single button function and the price seems right for his budget. We gave the saber a clean up and removed all the dirt and greenish tarnish and polished the entire saber up.

The conversion was no easy feat. We had to machine an entire inner sleeve in order to do the same kind of work we do on the other FX sabers. Because the saber would not split in the middle, it made it extremely challenging to get the inner dimensions right. We have to design not just the chassis but this sleeve so it would work the way it’s intended. Complete with a 28mm base speaker and removable 18650 15A battery, we replaced the plastic covertec wheel with a anodised aluminium one so it can be used as a functional clip with a covertec clip. The saber has a new tight blade emitter socket and a deep blade socket that requires no screws to tighten it.

We added a retention screw for added security just in case. This is by far our most complex build for any FX saber conversion and was completed last Halloween. Let us know what you think of it and we are looking forward to more of such restoration. Would you choose to restore a saber like this or purchase a newer 1:1 accurate one soon to be offered on our Legacy series?

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