Kanan Sportz Custom Gold and Black Themed

With the reappearance of Kanan's "Specter" in recent shows, it would be great to showcase yet another one of our custom slim hilt Kanan saber we completed several months ago by our custom department. It is also known as the kanan sportz. This has only been done 4 times since.

This version was different from the early 3 predecessors. Our customer wanted it to go with a black and gold theme. It comes with our signature black S.S.P finish for chemical and scratch resistant properties and gold powder coated accent parts.

Since this is suppose to be a perfect duelling saber, it has a Tri-cree RGB in hilt LED with a NBv4 soundboard. Has a gold AV switch to go with the theme. The side graflex pins were shortened so that it is flushed against the main outer diameter of the saber.

Let us know if this theme was a hit or miss.

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