Kanan J Inspired Custom Combat saber

So recently we’ve had lots of inquiries coming in asking about when our Specter would be back in stock. It seems that the Specter is now one of our more popular sabers.

We’re really hoping to re-open preorders on our new platform soon. It has taken us some time, and we’re really eager for the new site to be up. In the mean time, let us tease you with one of our Custom one-offs. Introducing the Sportz Specter.

Interestingly, this particular design was our predecessor for the our premium Specter. In all of Sabermach’s history, only three of these hilts have been made so far, and all three are owned by our local Singapore customers. (Afri owns one of them, you can check out his review of it way back in 2018 @ https://youtu.be/umwS3zvk3x0 )

It remains one of our favourite customs because of its slim profile; a rough 32MM on the grip section of the hilt. We designed in favour of a choreographer’s comfort when performing, whether it was single handed or dual handed wielding.

This build features a Prizm, with in-hilt TriCree RGB LEDs. And for its small profile, it packs a very loud audio output. If you’re ever interested to get your hands on one of these, drop us a message! We are always keen to work on customs. Do however note that customs have longer lead times than our premium sabers.

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