About SaberMach

Our Dedication & Hardwork...


Let’s be candid. Most products we buy today are designed to last a few years. If we’re lucky, that's 3 years, maybe 4. As a society we’ve become conditioned to expect very little from electronic goods. When it fails, we throw it out. When it is out of fashion, we buy another one.


When SaberMach was founded in January 2014, we had one goal - make the best saber that’s ever been made. We define success a little differently than most companies. We want our sabers to look good, function better and last longer than any saber you’ve ever owned before. While we continue to improve every aspect of the science behind every SaberMach design, our after sales support services is what sets us apart. This means that your product will always be cared for by us whenever the needs arises.


We manufacture all of our products right here in Singapore, out of materials that are only the best standard in market industry. Our hands-on manufacturing approach allows us immediate control over the manufacturing process. We are constantly evaluating our procedures and our sabers to find ways where we can improve.


The end result is a saber that we proudly stand behind. A saber that we all will play with, every single day. When you purchase a SaberMach combat Saber, you are buying into a company that is committed to producing a saber that exceeds your expectations. We want to thank our customers, both old and new, for your support and your feedback. Let us know if there is anything we can be doing better. In the meantime, we’ll keep working to make the best sabers on earth for you.

Premium Saber Blades

SaberMach takes great pride in our Premium saber blades for its uniform light distribution from base to tip with little to no ‘base flare’ from light escaping from the emitter or ‘black spots’ from light not reflected to the tip giving a truncated look.


The 32” are the recommended length for perfect balance and general usage. In our research, we found out that an authentic tamahagane “Musashi Katana’s” blade is also exactly 30”. It is no coincidence that our hilt length of 285mm long is the same as the Tsuka(handle) of a true “Musashi”. This help us to create the best-balanced sabers we can offer.

saber dims v3

Our standard 1" blades fits all SaberMach sabers perfectly. This means that the blade holder on the saber is machined to precisely fit our standard 1" blades. There is almost a tight vacuum and a "pop" sound when pulling out the blades. And because there is not a single point on the blade that is not in contact with the blade holder, SaberMach blades have the ability to withstand more punishment over a much longer period of time because our blades have an even distribution of pressure. The added bonus is there is virtually no jiggling or wobbling of the blade mid duel.

Commonly, the polycarbonate blades offered by other vendors are just sawn to size. This means that visible saw/cut marks can be seen and causes uneven surfaces at the end of the tube. This creates pocket of holes when the blade tip is attached. However, dedicated to quality products, there is no short-cuts to SaberMach's Polycarbonate blades. This is because each SaberMach blade tube is machined flat on both ends giving you a seamless flat surface connecting the blade tip and the blade. Utilising a sturdy 1.7mm wall-thickness polycarbonate tube, SaberMach is proud to offer our blades, in various lengths.

Premium Saber Blade Lengths

  • 32” (recommended length for perfect balance and general usage))
  • 36” (recommended for display)
  • custom lengths from 1” to 40”

* The length of our blade is calculated based on the actual blade length from base to the tip before it is inserted into the hilt. Total length of blade from emitter to blade tip will defer from each saber depending on the blade socket depth of each individual saber. Please see diagram for illustration.

Blade Terminology Explained

1" Blade 

  • This blade has an overall 1" or 25.40mm diameter. Suitable for heavy dueling.

7/8" Blade 

  • This blade has an overall 7/8" or 22.35mm diameter. Suitable for light dueling only.

Chroma Blade

  • The industry calls this ‘trans-white’. This is the standard default blade provided for all our sabers with hilt-based LED. It comes with a roll of reflective film in its core with a real mirror reflective tip.  With its distinctive milky tone, this blade brings out a very full bodied colour for a bold look.  The only blade we recommend using as it gives a beautiful colour wash in bright daylight or dim indoor environments.

PlecterPixel Blade

  • The industry calls this ‘NeoPixel’. This is the standard default blade provided for all our Premium sabers with Pixel blades. Outfitted with 2 strips of 5050 APA105 NeoPixels which houses the best and brightest LEDs on the market. A 8mm wide and 0.6mm thick stainless steel strip is sandwiched in between 2 pixel strips. This provides a heat sink for the strips when they get warm. This also ensures that the strips are perfectly straight inside the diffusing foam and film. As a result, a distinctive "almost" no side shadowing and a continuous non interrupted pixel blade is achieved. 

Chroma Blade Tip


This is a pointed tip for an authentic ‘sinister’ appearance. Comes standard on all saber hilts. It has a reflective mirrored base inside to facilitate maximum light distribution and ensures optimum light distribution.

Pixel Blade Tip


This is a pointed tip for an authentic ‘sinister’ appearance. Comes standard on all pixel blade sabers. The tips are hollowed to allow the LED strips to be encaved inside it to ensure optimum and even light distribution at the tip. No dark spot